Freedom Fix

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The Freedom Fix is our versatile carry-all container or toolkit.

Simple but effective design allows easy access to all your tools and supplies….from BOTH ENDS!!.

>>  Easy to locate, remove and replace

>>  Easy operation on Compact, Mountain or Small Frames

>>  Easy to clean with removable Top & Bottom caps

>>  The pin & the bottle together weigh 142gms

Wide opening 63 ml top and 50 ml bottom.

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The Pin 1This Pin enables many improvements and allows for greater design potential with future elements.

Existing Bottle / Cage systems are flawed in that the cage must always be slightly smaller in size than the bottle it is housing.

Our pin is almost 10 times smaller than the hole that receives it, this means it is much easier to locate and replace.

The patented 2 stage capture design allows the rider to lock in easy or lock in hard depending on the terrain of the ride.

It can be seen in our cross-sections the 2 steps of our pin.

The Pin2These form our 2 stage capture system.

Step 1:  Near the tip is our O-ring and is recommended for all smooth road riding.
Step 2:  Is the precision built in clip. This, in combination with our O-ring provides us with a much more solid hold. This is recommended for off-road use.

(Please note that the tension on the second stage on our Aero bottle is less than our round bottle and therefore is recommended for Smooth road use only.)


Sue – Connecticut
“I Love this… the first bottle I have been able to use in the seat tube position, on my compact frame”

Paul – Great Britain
“Didn’t come loose on the cobbles…but my teeth almost did”

Phil – Singapore
“the look and feel is beyond my expectations….thank you so much!”

Ben – Clifton Hill
“This system is a revolution…. it is so easy to use”

Michael – New York
“Received the Freedom Ease via Kickstarter. System is awesome!!”

Brendan – NSW
“Fantastic product, The 2 stage capture system is incredible… easy to use”

Fiona – Wales
“Being a small lady…I could never carry 2 bottles on my compact frame. With this system I can carry both.”