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This is not a support desk nor an online forum. Nobody is sitting in an office monitoring this page. Queries will be emailed to me, and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

This page is totally unofficial and has no access to any of SpeedX Technical Information, but is an area to help those with SpeedX bikes overcome any problems or ask technical questions.

The answers to some problems that other riders have encountered may possibly be found here. However, many of the queries that you may encounter have been answered through the Facebook SpeedX Riders Group (Details HERE).

If you have a problem or want to ask a question, please use the form and we’ll see if we have an answer.

How do I remove the internal cabling?

Alongside is a YouTube video of how to replace the Internal Cables. If you follow the first half of the video, you can remove the cables and battery.

Problems with the SpeedForce Computer:

The SpeedForce Computer no longer connects with Strava and so does not upload your rides to Strava.

Alongside is one of the original Videos of how to connect the App and SpeedForce.

How to take off the SpeedForce Computer:

The integrated computer (SpeedForce) can be removed from your bike following the instructions in the video alongside.


What’s the nearest match to the Red Colour?

RED #C01921We have never been able to get a definitive answer to the paint colour match. The paint was a bespoke mix.

The only  thing that came from SpeedX was the HEX Code #C01921 – however, this code is used on computers. (This colour is code: #C01921).

One of the members has said that the nearest paint colour was MAZDA RED: CX Soul Red, but nobody has confirmed it.

My HANGER has broken?

Mech HangerNew Hangers were never available from SpeedX,

However, a couple of Group Members have been able to replace a broken one with the following.


I’ve not used one, so I don’t know how near the original it would be.

Torque Settings for the Leopard & Leopard Pro

  ITEM Standard Torque (N*m)
1 Crank Cap 0.7 – 1.5
2 SpeedX Integrated Crank Locking Arm 12 – 14
3 Shimano Integrated Crank Locking Arm 12 – 14
4 Front Derailleur 5 – 7
5 Front Shift Cable 5 – 7
6 Rear Derailleur 8 – 10
7 Rear Shift Cable 6 – 7
8 Freewheel 30 – 35
9 Pedals 35 – 55
10 Brake Caliper 5 – 7
11 Brake Cable 6 – 8
12 Brake Pads 5 – 7
13 Brake Shoes 1 – 2.5
14 Seat Post 4 – 6
15 Seat 6- 8
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