The SpeedX Unicorn is the smart lightweight road bike to give you comfort, speed and control any scenario.

The Unicorn was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, on 3rd January 2017 and by the time the campaign had finished it had support for 200 bikes and had raised $636,683 USD

The Unicorn had an expected delivery of April 2017.

That delivery date slipped back to the 2nd quarter 2017 and then the 3rd quarter 2017 and finally the project was abandoned.

It was a lightweight road bike, that was designed for climbing as well as rolling terrain. It had all sorts of built in sensors, including an integrated Power Meter.

The bike and campaign details are as follows. More details of the SpeedX story are available in The Rise & Fall of SpeedX … (Here)

Comfort like you’ve never felt before.

We’ve taken our obsession with comfort and control to a whole new level. Unicorn, the first bike ever to be equipped with VCS, allows you to absorb bumps and smooth out vibrations, while improving comfort, control and speed.

Make the most out of your training. Unicorn is the world’s first bike with an integrated power meter. Train, track analyse your cycling data like a pro rider.

Together with its built-in sensors and GPS, you can live-track your cycling data on the SpeedForce, a 2.2” inch touchscreen cycling computer. Unicorn is the most technologically-advanced, well-rounded road bike you’ve ever seen.


There were 3 models in the Range: (Prices at Jan 2017)

Unicorn Di2 = $3,999  (£3,250) (€3,700)
Unicorn Pro eTap = $5,099  (£4,150) (€4,750)
Unicorn X eTap = $6,699  (£5,450) (€6,250)

Delivery was $399 extra but Import Duty + VAT was included for UK / USA / EU.


Integrated Power Meter

There is no need to buy a separate cycling computer to track your wattage with SpeedX Unicorn.

The SpeedForce – Unicorn’s own integrated cycling computer displays the power output.

Cadence, speed, heartrate and other metrics are heavily influenced by the environment.

These are metrics that give you a snapshot of how your body is performing but are severely affected by external factors.

On the other hand, power is the best metric to measure your performance.

Vibration Control System

We’ve created a whole new process to achieve a high-performance, enduringly comfortable frame.

We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind frame using our specific proprietary methods and stacking approach.

The VCS introduces three features in order to absorb shock, smooth out vibrations and improve comfort, speed and control.

A high-modulus carbon fibre is incorporated at critical stress points to act as a shock damper.
The seat stays can flex in a specific direction, while staying stiff in other parts of the frame, to give the frame a more responsive and efficient feel.
The seat tube is engineered to flex 3degrees / 15mm to absorb shocks and  improve comfort. Tested with 150kg.

Like A Beast

Our mission is to be “like a beast” in everything we do.  As a company we’re pushing boundaries that is dominated by established brands.

From day one, we are a global brand committed to bringing the best possible technology to enhance the pure cycling experience.

The greatest shame of all was the bike was never built and the Backers lost over $600k (£500,000) and whichever way you look at it, that is a lot of money.