Zip Pulls / Zipper Pulls


This unique and exclusive SpeedX Branded Zip Pull (also known as Zipper Pulls) is a really stylish little accessory.

Not only is it useful (for pulling Zips up and down and opening stuff) but it is a great way to add some personality and some fun to anything that has a zip!

Our SpeedX Zip Pulls are  designed to enhance your gear, show enthusiasm for the SpeedX Brand and your membership of the SpeedX Riders Group.

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These SpeedX Zip Pulls are a fantastic and novel way to accessorise and personalise your rucksacks, sports-bags, jackets, hoodies, tents, sleeping bags… in fact anything with a zip.

Each Zip Pull is hand assembled, with the Leopard logo, the SpeedX logo and the text laser burnt onto the wooden ball; the cord cut and tied by hand; and finally the ball is coated in clear varnish.

< Contemporary <> Smart <> Funky <> Practical <> Functional >

These Zip Pulls are not toys and are not for small children or pets.