Zip Grip


The Classic SpeedX Zip Grip is a cost effective way of personalising various everyday items such as:

  • Rucksacks
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Saddlebags
  • Sleeping Bags

In fact anything with a zip.

In 2 styles – Round at 20mm diam and Rectangular at 50mm x 15mm, each SpeedX Zip Grip features the SpeedX logo and the Leopard.

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The SpeedX Zip Grip is a unique product that is both functional and smart. They clip straight onto the end of practically any zip, and can even replace the puller on zips with broken ones.

You can also use your SpeedX Zip Grip as a charm on your handbag, mobile phone, key-ring, dogs collar, or even as personal adornment.  Or even as a gift for someone special.

SpeedX Zip Grip – Top reasons you need one (or two, four…)


  1. The SpeedX Zip Grip clips easily onto most zips.
  2. The SpeedX Zip Grip can be used on almost anything with a zip.
  3. The SpeedX Zip Grip is a quality item made of metal, so it is strong.
  4. The SpeedX Zip Grip has a metal clip, that swivels through 360 ° which makes it lie flat.
  5. The SpeedX Zip Grip is double sided, with the SpeedX logo and the Leopard.
  6. The SpeedX Zip Grip is available in two designs – the Round or the Rectangle.
  7. The SpeedX Zip Grip replaces a broken zip pull – just clip it directly onto the end of the broken pull.
  8. The SpeedX Zip Grip is Exclusive – you will only get find them here.

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Round, Rectangle, Mixed (2 pack)