Big Bundle #2


Approx $32.10 USD or €27.60 EUR

A larger collection of Zip Grips and Zip Pulls…

5 x Round Zip Grips

5 x Rectangle Zip Grips

2 x Zip Pulls

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Incredible Value – Big Bundle #2

A selection of Zip Grips and two Zip Pulls. 10 x Zip Grips with 5 of each shape plus two Zip Pulls.

Imagine the fun to be had finding the uses for your Zip Grip and Zip Pull.

Both the SpeedX Zip Grips are double sided with the SpeedX logo on one side and the SpeedX Leopard on the other side.

To complement the Worldwide Group that owns a SpeedX bike, the Zip Pulls are hand made in the USA and the Zip Grips are designed and manufactured here in the United Kingdom.

The Zip Pulls and the Zip Grips are custom designed and are unique, distinctive and exclusive – please support the brand and order a Big Bundle #2 today.